How to Apply for Universities in USA for MS, application process for universities in US, US University Application Requirements

How to Apply

University selection criterion

  • Admission Requirements
  • Offering courses
  • Ranking
  • Tuition Fee
  • Possibility of assistantship
  • Rate of acceptance
  • Weather
  • Safety

Application Procedure

  • Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • Departmental forms
  • Supplemental forms
  • Mailing Documents
  • Application Material
  • Follow up of the application status

Filling the Application

Online Application:

  • Identify International graduate application
  • One needs to create an account in order to apply (For some schools, it is not needed)
  • Fill the form with the basic information like personal profile, financial background, statement of purpose, and recommenders.
  • Basic contents are your personal profile, academic profile, financial background, your statement of purpose & Recommenders
  • Select the mode of payment (international credit card or dollar draft)
  • Print supplementary forms like Affidavit of support, financial support form
  • Mail the required documents to the graduate admissions (Address will be provided on the website)

Paper Application:

  • Download all the forms from the university website
  • Fill the application form using a pen. Make sure your handwriting could be understood.
  • Attach a dollar draft in the name of the university (Dollar draft is a bank draft or check denominated in US dollars and made available at foreign institutes.)
  • Post or Courier the application along with all the supporting documents to the address provided in the university website.

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