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Life Cycle of a Visa

  1. Lifecycle of a VISA
  2. Pay the VFS fees at HDFC Bank (VISA Appointment Fee or MRV Fee $140 + Rs. 380 DD Charge). It takes two days to activate of HDFC Bar Code.
  3. Get SEVIS ID from I20 / University
  4. Fill DS Forms DS 160
  5. Log on to and book your VISA Slot (Non Immigrant VISA). DS Forms can be edited up to 48 hours before VISA Appointment

3-4 Weeks before VISA

  1. Start collecting required documents for VISA like income related documents, salary pay slips, rental and agricultural income, IT returns, and form 16, papers of bank balance, fixed deposit documents, copies of property, land and agricultural land papers etc
  2. Finish property Evaluation with registered evaluator
  3. Apply Educational Loan (if required)

2-3 Weeks before VISA

  1. Start the preparation for Interview. Be prepared for the questions like why low scores etc.
  2. Know about your program, University, and also the scope of your program.
  3. Try to get as much information and details as possible from your seniors about your University and department.
  4. Financial Documentation

1-2 Weeks before VISA

  1. Summarize all financial documents
  2. Get Final Bank Statement
  3. Submit all the documentation to CA and get financial summary certificate
  4. Pay SEVIS fee $ 200 (Online Payment using credit card) at
  5. Print DS Forms, Sign i20
  6. Final Preparation.

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