Admission facts for MS in computer science, eligibility for MS in Top Universities of US

Admission Facts

There are thousands of universities in the US, but finding the university that suits you best is very crucial. Most people think that getting admission in a highly ranked college is a must in order to pursue quality education. But it is a myth and far from truth. Students need to choose the universities depends upon their social, academic, and financial factors.

While selecting a student, colleges does not look for well-rounded students. They look for consistency and commitment; so it is always better to be involved in a few activities that truly develop and express your interests, for a consistent period of time, than participating piecemeal in a multitude of activities. These activities include summer activities, hobbies, and even crash courses.

A successful college application will leave an impact to the reader about the applicant beyond the facts and figures. That is why it is our responsibility to convey the best and most accurate representation of ourselves to the admissions committees. We should be proud for what we have achieved, including your failures and weaknesses, because those are our learning experiences and we have grown from these difficulties.

A significant number of US schools admission decisions based on an applicant’s academic record. However, some of the most selective schools will also consider an applicant’s personal record. Even though admissions officers at most colleges and universities say that 80% of applicants are academically qualified, they accept less than 20% of their applicants each year. Your identity as a person is equally important as your academic success. Your academic record is the most significant factor in the admissions process. The primary question arises when admissions officer open your application is, whether the student can contribute to the campus or not? The candidate’s secondary school courses should reflect a rigorous, yet appropriate, curriculum that is suited to your interests and talents. In spite of your secondary school is public or private, the candidate should be challenging. Because US universities will not only consider your performance in those courses, but they will also look at your academic performance over time. Below are the general requirements to secure an admission in a U.S. University:

  • Academic Record
  • Your secondary school courses and your marks in these courses
  • Standardized test results (SAT or ACT, GRE Subject Tests, TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Class rank (where you stand in relation to your peers)
  • Grade trends (whether your grades have improved, remained the same, or declined over your years of secondary school)
  • Personal Record
  • Resume
  • Personal essay(s)
  • Letters of recommendation (from teachers and your secondary school counselor)
However, Ivy Leagues, B Schools, Moderate, Competitive, and Ambitious Universities are having some additional requirements. Let us have a look at those.

Admission Requirements for Ivy Leagues

SOP plays a vital role in securing admission here. Ivies expect a well written SOP from the candidates. Ivy Leagues treat all nationalities alike. Ivy Leagues give equal importance to all nationalities and limited number of admissions will be allocated to every nation. Project work helps you a lot for the candidates.

Ivy leagues give much importance to the candidate’s achievements and all other extracurricular activities.

Admission Requirements for B Schools:

Business Schools ask for two years of relevant experience to secure an admission. Top Universities ask even for five years relevant experience. Also the candidate needs to attend a Skype Interview.

Admission Requirements for Competitive Colleges

For Competitive Colleges, expenses will be high and also Course Curriculum needs to be met. Competitive Colleges won’t entertain backlogs.

Admission Requirements for Ambitious Universities

Ambitious Universities will have different rounds of applications, interviews, and even Skype Interviews. They ask for different essays and application consists of 35-40 pages. They are very professional. Once they freeze the admissions, they freeze.

Ambitious Universities give equal importance to all nationalities. They want their classes to be filled with multicultural and multinational. They are more meticulous about SOPs. That is the reason SOPs play a crucial role here.

For ambitious Universities, Core subjects meant a lot. Also experience and Internships adds value. Along with the academics, they will consider your performance in your verbal, written, and AWA.

Ambitious Universities also won’t allow or entertain backlogs. They also don’t allow you to change the course in between as well.

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