International Student Admission Requirements for USA

Health Insurance

Most of the International students who are pursuing higher studies in USA are not well prepared for the high costs involved in the emergency medical treatment and every year thousands of students require emergency medical treatment. International health students provide accident and illness expense protection which helps you find a hospital and can pay for treatment.

International student insurance is a must for all non-U.S. citizen students studying in the USA and without showing proof of student health insurance students cannot register for classes.

However some Universities have standard student medical insurance plans that students can just enroll into. But the coverage may be sometimes limited or sometimes high premiums depend upon the University.

International students can also purchase a health insurance policy from the open market, as long as it meets minimum requirements of the University.

Many Universities do not offer a health insurance plan of their own and students have no choice other than to purchase it from the open market.

Once you purchase the insurance, the actual health insurance cards along with the policy would be emailed to you instantly. If the University requires a compliance form to be filled, please fax it to the Health insurance provider.

Many International students, especially graduates, are married and require coverage also for their spouse. If they need maternity coverage international student insurance plans do provide maternity coverage as long as the conception occurs after the effective date of the policy. However, compared to the international student himself/herself, premiums for dependant spouse are much higher. Dependent children can be covered as well under the same policy.

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