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While reviewing applicants, American universities use a holistic approach. An applicant’s potential and academic success are possibly the most important factors to be considered but American universities also value applicant’s reason to attend the University, Professional experience, extra-curricular activities, and the character.

It is possible to transfer from a UK university to a US university and from one US University to another US University as well. US Universities are so flexible at the credit that coursework completed at one institution will be recognized by another, if certain criteria are met. Every year over one million students including international students are getting benefit with this.

But it is always better to check with each university before joining.

There is no hard and fast rule to converting your UK marks to a GPA (Grade Point Average). There is no need to worry if an application requires you to submit a GPA. It is recommended leaving that section blank. Admissions staff will evaluate the marks your school reports on your transcripts instead.

American universities will not demand or dictate students on which subjects to study as it is entirely a personal choice.

To get an admission for a four-year bachelor's degree programme, students who had undergone the British Education System are typically expected to hold at least five GCSEs (General Certificate or Secondary Education) at grade C or above in academic subjects and three A levels. The Pre-U qualifications and an IB Diploma are also recognized for admission to four-year universities, including most competitive universities.

If you wish to continue your education after your GCSEs, you can apply for a two-year Associate programme at a community college, which allows you to transfer to a four-year Bachelor's programme in a 2+2 arrangement. If you want to immediately apply for a four-year Bachelor's programme, then you may be required to sit for the GED (General Education Development) Exam.

US universities allow and are familiar with both A-levels and the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma. Most US four-year universities ask students who had British Education to have at least three A-levels or their equivalent, which includes the IB. There is no better shortcut for gaining acceptance to an American university. Hence students should review both panes and go for a better one that suited those most. When compared, IB curriculum may be more similar to the broad liberal arts curriculum used at American universities.

To join a four-year Bachelor's degree, the applicant should complete at least five Scottish Standard Grades, including Maths and English. Adding to that he/she should complete post age 16 qualification. The most competitive universities will expect the Welsh Baccalaureate, the IB or Pre-U alongside three Scottish Higher, two A-levels.

In fact, US universities encourage the IB students and some will even provide financial grants and scholarships as well.

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